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100% Payday Loans

Date: 01 Jul 2007
Time: 14:05:26
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Cash advance payday loans all over the place, credit cards maxed and in collection, car repossessed or soon to be, late on you rent every month. Juggling not working; too many heavy balls in the air at one time. Maybe debt settlement is your answer. With the new laws, it's hard to bankrupt out of credit card debt, student loans impossible, and bankruptcy follows you for years. Here how debt settlement works: You contact the debt settlement company and lay out your deal. You have so many credit cards totaling x number of dollars, department stores for this much, gas cards, medical bills, etc. You stop paying all these bills and the company for a fee from you negotiates a deal with the companies for so much on the dollar. Say you have gas card with $2,000.00 on it. They call up the gas card company and say, "look my client can't pay his/her bills. If you'll take $400 for this account and report to the credit bureaus paid as agreed, then we'll put you in our monthly pay out for so many dollars." Most creditors go for this. Payday lenders look at it like free collections. And just because you don't go bankrupt doesn't mean you going to pay. You can just stop paying. In Texas there are no paycheck garnishments just liens. If you don't own a house, what are they going to lien on? Just don't burn all your bridges.

Last changed: July 01, 2007